Captivated by You – Sylvia Day

Oh I have missed reading so so so so much. I found this book frustrating at times and at times very close to home. Every relationship goes through tough times. It was definitely a filler to keep everyone waiting for the last book. At times it felt like another Fifty Shades of Grey. Why do we women have an urge of fixing men? Not that I am any different, but let’s find a new topic to talk about.

Before even picking up the book, I knew there wouldn’t be anything materialistic in this novel would make me want to continue reading like the first two books. There was nothing omg about this book, it was a nice romantic part of their life just like the previous book that they are one step closer to being with each other without hiccups. Deep down, I know what 5th book is going to be about. But regardless, I am waiting for this very long journey of crossfire series to have a happy ending.

Very few books bring a tear in my eye and this was one of them, so kudos to Sylvia Day.


Book Review: Perfect Chemistry

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

This book is a true definition of how much I love young adult and romantic novels. It reminds me of the happier times when hormones made me believe that love is everything, and then I grew up and understood the value of education and not always falling for a bad ass might be once good for me.

The best part about this book was that it kept at a steady pace, yet predictable. Obviously, who wants to end a novel with a teenage girl so heart broken and miserable. Every love story should have a happy ending. Did I say should? Let me correct myself, every love story MUST have a happy ending.

This novel is about Brittany and Alex who go to the same high school and somehow end up being partners in Chemistry class. Things would have been much simpler if they both were rich or they both were poor, but that wouldn’t have given us such an interesting novel. Brittany belongs to a rich family, but her family isn’t perfect. As majority of us like to show how perfect our life is, so did she, rather she was obsessed with people believing she had a perfect life. Alex on the other hand was poor and a gang member with an imperfect life. In a nutshell, this novel is about girl falling in love with a guy, guy falling in love with the girl, guy having to pick between his gang and the girl and he beats all the odds and they both live happily ever after.

I enjoyed how author captured his aggressiveness and her calm nature in the novel with a very important underlining message of staying in school pays off the in the long run. Overall I rate this book 4/5.


Entwined with You By Sylvia Day

Pissed is not the word; I was highly disappointed and frustrated while reading this book. I have been busy and finally when heard this book was out, this was my book after a month of no reading. I couldn’t stop reading because I was looking for something good, juicy, spicy material that I have been waiting for since the first 2 novels. I had mixed feelings about Gideon in the first two novels, now I am starting to dislike Eva as well. I mean I am looking for closure, not more of where else is he planning to take her. It felt like Author is just throwing in new characters in the novel to throw in a bigger twist to drag it out for 4th and the 5th novel, which is outrageous.

Honestly, I have no idea what was the point of this book. I want to do the synopsis, but there was nothing interesting besides them secretly getting married.

Very disappointed reader! 😦


9 of the Best Writing Tips Ever

9 of the Best Writing Tips Ever.

Room by Emma Donoghue


Honestly I was a bit hesitant to read this book, maybe because it was narrated by a 5 year old. This book truly defines innocence. It was an amazing journey to just sit back and let jack take the lead of narrating the novel. Once I started reading, I couldn’t keep the book down. Author did an amazing job with the book, clearly requires out of the box thinking to do something like this. I bet thinking like a 5 year old is not an easy job.

Jack’s Ma was kidnapped at the age of 19 and was held captive in a room in the kidnapper`s, Old Nick, backyard. His lack of social skills fuelled his desire to keep a woman captive to satisfy his sexual needs. Jack was a result of his needs. Being born and brought up in the room with the help of mom and TV, his world was limited and so was his knowledge. I have to admire the Jack’s curiosity and mother’s knowledge. Her every decision was in the best interest of Jack, which was very moving and touching. She had tried to escape before, but Old Nick had done a good job with making the house sound proof with thick concrete walls. Desire to be free, Ma and Jack plan their escape, which was successful thanks to Jack.
At times I felt Ma was ignoring him trying to feel like a teenager again. I don’t blame her for that, but don’t lose the sight of your little one. I was taken aback by the questions asked by the media. I mean I get it they was trying to get her story, but asking questions like do you miss the room and him ?, did you ever think of killing Jack because you were keeping him away from the world outside ? OMG!!! Where are the feelings and emotions people? ? ? ?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read. It was an amazing breath taking wonderful thriller.
Rate 4.5 /5

Looking for Alaska by John Green


The book has few great messages 1) teenagers are reckless and stupid 2) Alcohol is fun when you are underage 3) Pranks are fun. It’s one of the easiest books I have read. Definitely nothing compared to John’s latest Fault in our Stars.

The novel is narrated by Miles aka Pudge who is a loner in school, but becomes friends with his roommate Chip aka the Colonel and his friends Alaska and Takumi when he moves from Florida or Alabama for university. Their friendship started with pulling pranks on the rich kids. Alaska being the only girl ever talking to him, it didn’t take Pudge long to fall in love with her. Alaska was a mentally troubled kid, as in her father blamed her for her mother’s death. One night nothing out of the ordinary, they were getting drunk, and Alaska left the campus to see someone. Next day the entire school gets the news that she had died in a car accident. That’s when the hunt for Alaska begins for Pudge and the Colonel. Looking for closure, trying to understand if it was an accident or a suicide, they start conducting their own investigation because deep down they felt responsible for letting her drive drunk.

It’s an amazing story about friendship and trust with a very important underlining message, that drinking and driving isn’t a good combination. Just like Pudge and the Colonel, I was in denial too and thought that this was another prank. John did an astonishing job with this novel.

Rate: 3.5/5

Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James

After reading a good review, I finally decided to read the last book. I will give this to the author that she did an amazing job in showing how Ana changed Christian. The story which made me feel sick to my core in the first 2 novels came along well in the last novel. Last 200 pages were the ones that finally intrigued my interest in the novel. A lot more is happening in the finale, which is why I enjoyed last more than the other two.

Jack, Ana’s ex boss is the villain who is not only taking a revenge on losing his job from Ana, but also loosing the opportunity of being adopted by Grey’s when he was young. Jack kidnaps Mia, Christian’s younger sister, for a 5 million ransom. Threatening to kill Mia, Ana doesn’t tell anyone that Jack has Mia and manages to come up with the ransom. In the process of saving Mia, she put herself and her baby, accidental baby at risk. The day Ana got a call from Jack regarding Mia; Ana found out that Chrisitan went to his ex when he found out Ana was pregnant. A lot had happened between them and around them which lead to heated arguments.

Ana risking her life finally proved it to Christian that she truly loves him and isn’t going anywhere. He explained about his visit to his ex and lived happily after with their 2 kids.

I rate this book 4/5.

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